As a professional company in providing services integrating warehousing, storage, transportation, wholesale, and store direct supply, ELPC is aiming to become a leader in the LPG and Oil industry in Myanmar and endeavors to achieve a supply network covering all regions of Myanmar and to contribute for the economic growth of Myanmar.

Urban Daily Life
Beyond its use in households, there are many other opportunities for LP Gas to contribute to improved living standards for urban communities. LP Gas in combination with simple, reliable appliances and proven technologies is a valuable resource that generates multiple productive services, applicable in several economic sectors: Residential and commercial; industry; agriculture and transportation.

Elite Petrochemical
Elite Petrochemical

Rural Daily Life
Switching by households from solid and other fuels to LPG for cooking can have significant and far-reaching consequences for the lives of the people in the households in which the switch occurs, which has knock-on effects for the local community, economic activity and the environment.


Elite Petrochemical Co., Ltd.(ELPC) is a company specializing in the trade of petrochemical and gas products in Myanmar. ELPC prides itself on being able to deliver required product in the most efficient manner as well as following through of any related services with our customers until the end of any transaction and at all times. We are delivering the services for our valued customers’ needs by warehousing, storage, transportation, wholesale and store direct supply.

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